CWSF 2005 Co-Chairs - Patti Leigh and Cam Shields

• share Chair responsibilities
• have specific subcommittee and program responsibilities (see Organization chart)
• represent the host committee at Science Fair Foundation BC board meetings
• work closely with and share in decision making with subcommittee co-coordinators
• coordinate and manage funding for all fair activities

Finance Co-ordinator - Bob Carveth
• identifies potential Donors and contacts them
• arranges for Donor recognition
• acts as the CWSF 2005 Treasurer
• prepares budgets and maintains financial records
• is liaison with YSF for registration transfer payments and Donor/sponsor contacts and recognition

Chief Judge - Judith Soon; Assistant - Mary Sue Fairbarn
• organize the project evaluation process (including special judging)
• recruit judges

• recommend final project winners
• participate in awards ceremony
• the Chief Judge is a member of the National Judging Advisory Committee (NJAC)

Housing and Food Coordinator - John O’Connor
• is CWSF 2005 liaison to the UBC housing department (Gage Towers)
• organizes delegation groupings and
• prepares and distributes delegation room location lists
• ensures security
• coordinates food services
• maintains a list of occupied and available rooms
• distributes master keys to delegates
• organizes welcome room treats

Projects/Exhibit Facilities Coordinator - Reg Wild
• books exhibit site and arranges for its preparation
• receives regional exhibits
• manages the exhibition site during the fair
• coordinates security of exhibit site
• organizes for set-up and take-down of projects
• arranges for storage of project boxes

Operations - Andrew Watts
• provides operations support for all events, special events, and the exhibit facility
• provides incident planning
• liaison with UBC Plant Operations

Hospitality - Rod Lang, Mike Tomlins
• coordinates airport greeting and farewell
• coordinates baggage collection (airport and UBC)
• works with UBC Housing to provide accommodation support
• manages meeting rooms including coordination of meeting refreshments and supplies
• coordinates volunteer, exhibitor, and adult lounge setup and supplies
• coordinates tour guides for "Tour Day"

Registration Coordinators - Len Reimer, Chris Moffett
• coordinates the registration and check in process

develops, prints, and distributes daily newsletter

Computer Data Coordinators - Kit Doan, Ken Ireson
• coordinates with the YSF for on-line registration
• processes registrations as they are received
• coordinates data needs of the other Committee areas

Airport Transportation Coordinators - Ellen Woodd, Rod Eldridge, Raja Gupta
• arrange airport and baggage transfer
• arrange welcome and farewell presentations

Transportation and Communications Coordinators - Ray Gilbert, Glenn Rabuka
• arrange transportation at the CWSF 2005
• seek sponsorship and suppliers for transportation and communications
• organize communication systems and equipment
• maintain equipment inventory and contact list

Tours Coordinators - Pat Tracey, Marianne Larsen, Shirley Frykberg
• plan, arrange and coordinate city, university, and day long tours
• advise on appropriate preparation of tour participants (clothing, binoculars, etc...)
• assign participants to tours
• provide information and training for tour guides

New Media Coordinator
• arranges computer and email access with UBC
• coordinates with YSF for multimedia presentations for opening and awards ceremonies
• coordinates daily multimedia presentations
• liaison with YSF for their computing and networking requirements
• liaison with AV supplier

Marketing and Communications Coordinator - Asa Zanatta
• develops communications package for the media
• coordinates tours of CWSF 2005 for schools
• liaison with YSF communications and marketing team

Purchasing Coordinators - Patti Leigh and Cam Shields
• purchase major CWSF 2005 items

Volunteers Coordinator - Elizabeth Barnard
• finds and coordinates volunteers
• develops orientation materials and training for volunteers
• maintain a list of volunteers

Translation Coordinator - Anjula Corbin
• arranges bilingual services

Special Events Coordinators - Judy Gadicke, Kim Williams, Marianne Larsen, John Webster
• organize all special events including athletics, banquets, awards ceremony, and social events
• arrange for the volunteer and host committee celebration
• liaison with YSF for awards ceremony

Participant Co-ordinator - Meredith Soon
• arranges student participant activities
• organizes the student lounge including activities and supervision
• organizes the delegate lounge

University Facility Coordinator
• coordinates facility services

Host Committee Office Staff - Sharon Campbell, Chris Moffett
• manage the office including staffing
• prepare FAQ
• organize telephones and photocopying